Arduino IDE 1.6 released

Finally a new version of Arduino Ide released few days ago. 1.6.0 includes a lot of new features. Here is a not so brief list of them: Support for multiple platforms Boards are detected and listed on “ports list” menu together with the serial port Drivers


RaspberryPi 2 will run windows 10!

Wow! Fantastic news for all the makers. The company behind raspberrypi announced today that the new model “RaspberryPi 2″ will be able to run windows 10. It seems that microsoft stripped down a lot windows 10 so now they can be used even in low

Find easily electronic components

One of the biggest challenge if you are a maker, is to find the correct electronic components for your circuits. How many times did you wish for a place with all the information about the parts you might need for your next build? Now there is


Average brainpower consumption

—Resting metabolic rate: 1300 kilocalories, or kcal, the kind used in nutrition —1,300 kcal over 24 hours = 54.16 kcal per hour = 15.04 gram calories per second —15.04 gram calories/sec = 62.93 joules/sec = about 63 watts —20 percent of 63 watts = 12.6 watts


MIPS Creator CI20

One more “raspberry pi” style board is going to hit the market in January and it comes from the company “Imagination”. Specs look a lot better than raspberry but the price is almost double. No surprise here as the general rule is if you need

get title of a referral url

Get the title of a referral url with Javascript

If there is a need to retrieve the title by just passing the url to one of your applications this can be done with this tiny jQuery plugin I wrote. It uses yql to bypass the cors restriction and its really easy to use. Requirements

linux on breadboard

Linux on breadboard!

It is just amazing what people with skills can do. Check this guy, not only he build a computer on a breadboard but he also made it capable of running a light version of linux. And all this with a Motorola 68008 cpu, 512k(!) Ram

Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox is one of the best browsers out there as you already know and few days ago turned 10 years old. Usually the tradition is to bring presents to the person who has birthday but the guys in Mozilla thought the other way. They decided

Internet Explorer on Azure RemoteApp

Imagine that you are developing a website and you want to test how it looks in newer versions of Internet Explorer but only Windows 7 are installed in your pc. What are you going to do? Solution comes from Microsoft and it can run in