Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox is one of the best browsers out there as you already know and few days ago turned 10 years old. Usually the tradition is to bring presents to the person who has birthday but the guys in Mozilla thought the other way. They decided

Internet Explorer on Azure RemoteApp

Imagine that you are developing a website and you want to test how it looks in newer versions of Internet Explorer but only Windows 7 are installed in your pc. What are you going to do? Solution comes from Microsoft and it can run in


750 Free Glyphicons

Google open sourced 750 glyphicons few days ago so you can download them and use them freely in your apps. They come in several formats to choose: SVG versions of all icons in both 24px and 48px flavours SVG and CSS sprites of all icons


Windows Azure DocumentDB in NodeJS app

I’ve read a few weeks ago a small article about DocumentDB in Windows Azure which is Microsoft’s NoSQL solution in cloud, but I didn’t have time to go more in depth, until today! I came across this wonderful tutorial which explains in detail how to develop a


Microsoft Azure Hardware Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure is the leading cloud solution for those that were living in a cave the last few years and haven’t heard anything In order to support millions of users Microsoft had to have really strong hardware resources. Dell is the major supplier and recently


Multifetch – NodeJS performance boost

Just came across a library for NodeJs which can give a nice small boost to our apps. What actually happens is eg. you are making one single GET request but you are getting back multiple Json responses. This can save time and resources. Have a


Arduino webradio circuit

Bill Serasidis posted in his website a really nice arduino webradio circuit, which actually connects to for fetching the data and decodes the stream through a vs1053b module. From the schematic I can see that is not too complicate to build and I really like


ESP8266 The cheapest WiFi module for your Arduino

The last few weeks there is a lot of buzz around a new module which gives WiFi access to your Arduino controller via serial port. the name of it is ESP8266 and its main advantage is the very low price. Less than 3$ dollars. Comparing that


Add bluetooth control to a toy truck

Adding Bluetooth control is not a difficult task these days. Its really inexpensive too. The main component in this small project is the bluetooth module HC-05 that you can get it shipped from eBay for less than 5 us dollars. My son had a small toy