Choose the right javascript mvc framework

Javascript Mvc frameworks is the latest hype in development world. Except Backbone and Knockout that are around two years out there, there are plenty more. I am sure you don’t want to miss this train so jump into this well written article by  Craig McKeachie. He wrote it back in September, but not many things changed since then except the version numbers. Personally if you ask me, I am into AngularJs. The last 6 months we are using it at the company for our website and things work great so far. Especially considering the few million users that we have every day visiting us from different browsers, different devices etc.  It’s flexible, with big community and  with good planning in new web applications you can omit jQuery which saves quite a few kB.  But of course you may decide something else suits you best. We have many options which good if you ask me.

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