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Getting Started with Bower

If you don’t already know about Bower then its a good time to spend some time learning about it. It’s a package manager built by twitter team and what actually does is managing dependencies.  The description from the official website says: Bower is a package

K-type Thermometer with LCD in Arduino Nano

Today I wanted to make some temperature measurements in my lab because I recently moved to a new house and I have a feeling that some times the heating is on more often than it should. Some spare parts were laying around and a very

Turn your raspberryPi into FM Radio transmitter

What if i tell you that you can easily transmit FM signal from your RaspberryPi without using any extra hardware. Impressive at least huh? Well today I saw a video in OreillyMedia youtube channel explaining on how to do it. Actually you only have to download –

How to deploy a Meteor app in Nodejitsu

As you already may know Nodejitsu is one of the best hosting providers for apps built on Node. But many developers that use Meteor framework were finding difficult to host their apps in Nodejitsu. Below is the guide on how to do it. In short

Salvaging LCDs

Most of electronic devices are not build to last for ever, and you can see that by visiting your local recycling area for electronic waste. But there are many parts in lets say a printer that the makers can salvage. Personally when I have free

Getting Git to work behind firewall (Windows)

Αν και εσεις ανηκετε στην “ευτυχη” κατηγορια των εργαζομενων που ο εργοδοτης τους, εχει εγκαταστησει firewall τοτε για να αποκτησετε προσβαση στο Github θα πρεπει να κανετε τις παρακατω ρυθμισεις: Αρχικα δημιουργειστε ενα αρχειο “.gitconfig” (αν δεν υπαρχει ηδη) και προσθεστε : [http] proxy =

Γιατι και πως βαζουμε comments;

Τι ειναι τα Comments; Τα comments οπως ισως οι περισσοτεροι θα γνωριζετε ειναι κειμενο,φραση ή λεξη που ο προγραμματιστης μπορει να διαβασει αλλα ο υπολογιστης οχι! Για την ακριβεια απλα αδιαφορει οταν τα βλεπει. Γιατι πρεπει να χρησιμοποιω comments οταν προγραμματιζω; Πρεπει να τα χρησιμοποιουμε