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Nest – A Node.js framework build on Typescript

Nest is a powerful web framework for Node.js, which helps you effortlessly build efficient, scalable applications. It uses modern JavaScript, is built with TypeScriptand combines best concepts of both OOP (Object Oriented Progamming) and FP(Functional Programming). It is not just another framework. You do not

NodeJS _RxJS_observable

Request Wikipedia API with NodeJs and RX Observables

ReactiveX is one of those things that if you start using it then there is no turn back. RX observables gives you freedom and control at the same time. Below is a small code example on how to create an observable and subscribe to it. To observe a


Electron 1.0 released

Electron is one of the frameworks that you can easily fell in love from the first contact. It allows you to build desktop cross platform apps based on NodeJS. It is a huge success and everyday we see more and more people developing with Electrons

Node v6.0.0 released

This new major version of Node.js delivers significant improvements in performance, reliability, usability and security. Module loading is nearly four times faster than in Node.js v4, tests and documentation have seen significant improvements, usability of the Buffer and File System APIs have been improved, and

Multifetch – NodeJS performance boost

Just came across a library for NodeJs which can give a nice small boost to our apps. What actually happens is eg. you are making one single GET request but you are getting back multiple Json responses. This can save time and resources. Have a

Getting Started With Node.js in Visual Studio

For those that don’t know it already, since November you can use Visual Studio to write code for your NodeJs applications. You have to download and install the Node.js Tools for Visual Studio which is a plugin that turns VS into a node.js development environment. Bruno Terkaly posted

Angular Fullstack 1.2.0

Another Mean stack yeoman generator came up couple of days ago and it has some nice features. The most important is the use of npm package passport which gives us the ability to scaffold a user account easily. Yeoman generator for creating MEAN stack applications,

Alexa Rank node package

A simple node package to get Alexa traffic rank for a domain or URL. Install the module : npm install -g alexarank Usage example Using the module is pretty straightforward : var alexa = require(‘alexarank’); alexa(“”, function(error, result) { if (!error) { console.log(JSON.stringify(result)); } else

How to deploy a Meteor app in Nodejitsu

As you already may know Nodejitsu is one of the best hosting providers for apps built on Node. But many developers that use Meteor framework were finding difficult to host their apps in Nodejitsu. Below is the guide on how to do it. In short – Http Client and Http Collect

Below you can find my solutions to exercises “HTTP Client” and “HTTP Collect”.  In the first one you have to use the http core module. The code is simple enough:  var http = require(“http”); http.get(process.argv[2], function(response){ response.setEncoding(“utf8”) response.on(“data”, function(data){ console.log(data); }) }); And my