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Electron 1.0 released

Electron is one of the frameworks that you can easily fell in love from the first contact. It allows you to build desktop cross platform apps based on NodeJS. It is a huge success and everyday we see more and more people developing with Electrons


Tabs in VS Code

One of the most missing features of VS Code is the tabs. Even though you can use shortcuts like Ctrl+Tab to navigate through files many people including me missing this feature. Microsoft listened to us and they started implementing this feature. We already have some

.NET Micro Framework 4.4 released

Great news for people like me that love Netduino and Visual studio. .NET Micro Framework 4.4 is now available for download. Important thing here is that Microsoft haven’t abandoned this framework. The .NET Micro Framework team is pleased to announce the release of .NET Micro

Windows 10 will run Android apps?

The last couple of hours there are a lot of rumours on many internet tech websites that Microsoft will announce plans to allow users to run Android apps in Windows 10. If this is true then definitely we are talking about a game changer decision.

DragonBoard 410c will run Windows 10

The DragonBoard 410c is roughly the same size as a Raspberry Pi 2, but it has a faster 64-bit CPU, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS connections — four features which the 32-bit Pi 2 lacks. The DragonBoard 410c costs $75, but its beefier specs could make

Linux on breadboard!

It is just amazing what people with skills can do. Check this guy, not only he build a computer on a breadboard but he also made it capable of running a light version of linux. And all this with a Motorola 68008 cpu, 512k(!) Ram

Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox is one of the best browsers out there as you already know and few days ago turned 10 years old. Usually the tradition is to bring presents to the person who has birthday but the guys in Mozilla thought the other way. They decided

Internet Explorer on Azure RemoteApp

Imagine that you are developing a website and you want to test how it looks in newer versions of Internet Explorer but only Windows 7 are installed in your pc. What are you going to do? Solution comes from Microsoft and it can run in

Windows Azure DocumentDB in NodeJS app

I’ve read a few weeks ago a small article about DocumentDB in Windows Azure which is Microsoft’s NoSQL solution in cloud, but I didn’t have time to go more in depth, until today! I came across this wonderful tutorial which explains in detail how to develop a