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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Books I’ve read in 1st quarter of 2014

Working in IT sector means that you have to spend considerably amount of your time in educating yourself if you want to be up to scratch. I am sure you have seen it yourself that everyday people above you demand more and more. Of course

Books books books! Microsoft’s free ebooks

I don’t know about you but speaking for myself free goodies are always welcome! The last few days added a category in Microsoft’s Virtual Academy in which you can find  plenty of free ebooks ready to download in several formats. Categories are Windows Server, Windows

Intel MinnowBoard Max at $99

Surprise surprise! Intel announced the new MinnowBoard Max BUT this time at a really nice price. From $199 down to just $99! This version has an Atom E3800 series and Intel HD400 vga. You can run Linux or Android 4.4 and 1gb of Ram should