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Books books books! Microsoft’s free ebooks

I don’t know about you but speaking for myself free goodies are always welcome! The last few days added a category in Microsoft’s Virtual Academy in which you can find  plenty of free ebooks ready to download in several formats. Categories are Windows Server, Windows

Isaac Newton’s first telescope

Interested in really old technology? Then check out Isaac Newton’s first telescope. For making the mirror he used the metal alloy speculum. Speculum is the latin word for “mirror” and is a mix of 2 parts copper, 1 part tin and a little bit of arsenium.  He build

Floppy disk jukebox

Madnessssss…!  I am sure you have seen music machines made with floppy disk drives. This one beats them all! You can load it with your midi files and it will play them. Well played Simon! Github link :  The overall setup is completly modular. Each floppy

News report from 80’s about the Internet

An interesting video footage were the reporter talks about the next big thing that the scientists work on. They call it “internet”. Ps. New generations will never know how was life before internet!

Briefcase Arcade

If you are into arcade gaming then you will find this project really interesting. Arcade gaming station in a briefcase! It has proper joystick and buttons, the only thing is missing is the coin slot. If you have pc components laying around, maybe from an

Nostalgia – Atari games

Nostalgia is a bittersweet longing for things, or situations of the past. This is what you are going to feel when you visit the link below. You can play most of the Atari games from your browser and I am sure this will bring you memories

ZZ Top in Ireland Cork

Μπορει να εχει περασει αρκετος καιρος απο τοτε που ηρθαν οι ΖΖ Τop στην Ιρλανδια αλλα συγχωρεστε με γιατι τωρα συνηλθα… Blues, hard rock , chopper, Texas, hot road, 1969, American blues, La Grange , Tush , Legs,  ειναι μερικες λεξεις που μου ερχονται στο μυαλο για