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Floppy disk jukebox

Madnessssss…!  I am sure you have seen music machines made with floppy disk drives. This one beats them all! You can load it with your midi files and it will play them. Well played Simon!

floppy disk jukebox

floppy disk jukebox1

Github link : 

The overall setup is completly modular. Each floppy is connected to its own floppy driver (rrfdc), which in turn speaks I²C with the main board (rrcmd). On power-on the main board auto-discovers the connected floppies and adjusts the software to utilize the available drives. In theory the amount of floppies connected to RumbleRail is only limited by I²C address/bus restrictions.

The most important feature of RumbleRail is the ability to run standalone. After being powered-on, the main board scans the hotswapable SD card (rrsdc) and lists its content on the display. The user can browse through the selection using the rotary encoder and, once a song is selected, the main board decodes the MIDI file and streams the notes to the floppy drivers.


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