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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Ray Kurzweil Explains Singularity

In this short video Ray Kurzweil, the great mind behind Google Engineering team explains Singularity. Not an easy topic for sure! My small brain has trouble digesting theories, views and ideas like these. Have a look, it worths it: Raymond “Ray” Kurzweil born February 12,

SanDisk 128GB microSDXC card

SanDisk breaks the limit for one more time! They managed to squezee 128gb in a microSD card. 10 years ago the first microSD card had only 128mb and now it has 1000 times more! Innovation comes with a high price tag though so if you

Store Arduino data to Firebase database [Howto]

[UPDATE] This is a very old project and at the time was the only solution I could think of. Now things changed and more powerful boards are available which solve the issue of https. Please have a look at this library instead  The last

Understand how simple is to use Grunt

Chris Coyier wrote a great guide in which he explains how easily is to learn and use Grunt. For those that don’t, Grunt is a task manager that will help you with your daily tasks as a developer. Chris shows how to install and start

Leap year check in C#/Javascript

The easiest way to check if the year supplied to your app is a leap one just execute the if statement below if( Year % 400 == 0 || ( Year % 4 == 0 && Year % 100 != 0 ) ) {}  

Isaac Newton’s first telescope

Interested in really old technology? Then check out Isaac Newton’s first telescope. For making the mirror he used the metal alloy speculum. Speculum is the latin word for “mirror” and is a mix of 2 parts copper, 1 part tin and a little bit of arsenium.  He build

Reserved Keywords in Javascript

In stackoverflow you can find real gems! Somebody asked for the reserved keywords in javascript and he got them as a ….poem! Let this long package float, Goto private class if short. While protected with debugger case, Continue volatile interface. Instanceof super synchronized throw, Extends

Satya Nadella – Microsoft’s new CEO

After Steve Ballmer’s 12 months notice, Microsoft had to find his successor. To be CEO in one of the biggest companies in the world, for sure is not an easy task. A 46 year old with 22 years working experience in Microsoft applied and finally

Robot writes poems

Brilliant idea! A robot that writes poems to sidewalks with sand! In four hours it can write up to 160 meters. It is built from a cnc milling machine. Have a look at the video:

Trinket Pinout Diagram

Trinkets are tiny avr controllers that are becoming popular due to their small size. Adafruit is the place if you want to purchase one. A member(TheKitty) of adafruit forums posted a nice pinout diagram that is very handy especially for the beginners.