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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Bootstrap 3.1 released

New version of the most famous front-end framework Boostrap released just few hours ago. You will find many improovements such as: Official sass port Dropdowns now have their own alignment classes Form feedback styles for validation states now include optional icons to reinforce color changes

Arietta G25

Arietta is a cheap, tiny Linux Embedded module powered by an Arm processor ideal for small DIY projects. You can order it today for only 9.99+shipping which in my opinion is a great bargain! Look at the specs: Cpu ARM9 @ 400Mhz on Atmel AT91SAM9G25

Microsofts Skydrive becomes OneDrive

Sky Broadcasting few months ago thought SkyDrive term shouldn’t be used by Microsoft so they took them to the court. Court decided that Microsoft shouldn’t use the term “Sky” in their product so they forced them to change it. So it will become OneDrive. You

Multicolor 3D printer

It’s amazing how fast 3d printing technology moves fordward. Stratasys announced the first multicolor 3d printer which also lets you choose the flexibility of the material.   The Objet500 Connex 3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer is the only 3D Printer that enables color 3D printing

Floppy disk jukebox

Madnessssss…!  I am sure you have seen music machines made with floppy disk drives. This one beats them all! You can load it with your midi files and it will play them. Well played Simon! Github link :  The overall setup is completly modular. Each floppy

Getting Started With Node.js in Visual Studio

For those that don’t know it already, since November you can use Visual Studio to write code for your NodeJs applications. You have to download and install the Node.js Tools for Visual Studio which is a plugin that turns VS into a node.js development environment. Bruno Terkaly posted

Briefcase Arcade

If you are into arcade gaming then you will find this project really interesting. Arcade gaming station in a briefcase! It has proper joystick and buttons, the only thing is missing is the coin slot. If you have pc components laying around, maybe from an

Pong Game in Lcd with Arduino

A really fun and simple enough project for beginners in Arduino posted by Ryan from By using simple components like resistors, leds,  an lcd and of course an arduino he build a pong game. The schematic below shows how simple it is. The Arduino Sketch