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MIPS Creator CI20

One more “raspberry pi” style board is going to hit the market in January and it comes from the company “Imagination”. Specs look a lot better than raspberry but the price is almost double. No surprise here as the general rule is if you need

ESP8266 The cheapest WiFi module for your Arduino

The last few weeks there is a lot of buzz around a new module which gives WiFi access to your Arduino controller via serial port. the name of it is ESP8266 and its main advantage is the very low price. Less than 3$ dollars. Comparing that

Add bluetooth control to a toy truck

Adding Bluetooth control is not a difficult task these days. Its really inexpensive too. The main component in this small project is the bluetooth module HC-05 that you can get it shipped from eBay for less than 5 us dollars. My son had a small toy

Sharks Cove by Microsoft

Sharks Cove is Microsoft’s attempt to enter into the very competitive market of hardware for developers/students/makers/hackers. As you already know Raspberry Pi and Arduino are the major players. The main reason is the very low buying price and the not so steep learning curve. So

Introduction To FPGA and CPLD

If you are planning to move from microcontrollers to fpga or cpld technologies then the 10 lessons course from PyroEdu would be a nice start. FPGA’s is probably on of the most complex topic in electronics but it literary gives you the freedom to design