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Introduction To FPGA and CPLD


If you are planning to move from microcontrollers to fpga or cpld technologies then the 10 lessons course from PyroEdu would be a nice start. FPGA’s is probably on of the most complex topic in electronics but it literary gives you the freedom to design anything you want with simply no restrictions. The only restriction is your imagination. The first two courses are already up so you can start asap.

This Introduction To FPGA and CPLD course will be split up into 10 lessons with the lecture video for each lesson hosted on youtube. The lectures will be to 8-12 minutes in length so that you have enough time to see the information and can go over it twice to perform any of the experiments while following along with the video. Each lecture will contain 4 main sections: an introduction, theoretical explanation, experiment(s) and real world example(s). In addition, each lesson video will be hosted at PyroEDU with downloadable offline information and material like homework, schematics, formulas and parts information.

Course Content

  1. Introduction (6/26/2014)
  2. Hardware Hello World (7/3/2014)
  3. Input and Output (7/10/2014)
  4. Combinatorial Logic (7/17/2014)
  5. Procedural Logic (7/24/2014)
  6. Design a Binary Counter (7/31/2014)
  7. Parallel Hardware (8/7/2014)
  8. LED Dimming via PWM (8/14/2014)
  9. Design a Handheld POV (8/21/2014)
  10. VHDL vs Verilog vs Schematic (8/28/2014)


This course is meant to take you, the learner, from a blank slate to a more informed individual by teaching about electronics in a hands-on way, as the lecture videos will emphasize and guide you with experimentation. You should expect to learn the basics for designing and implementing FPGA and CPLD designs using Altera development tools. Beyond that, you should also expect to get experiencing building digital hardware and controlling it using FPGA code.

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