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Add bluetooth control to a toy truck

Adding Bluetooth control is not a difficult task these days. Its really inexpensive too. The main component in this small project is the bluetooth module HC-05 that you can get it shipped from eBay for less than 5 us dollars. My son had a small toy truck and I thought that it would be a nice surprise for him to upgrade it into bluetooth controlled. Even if it is only 2 years old he seems to like all sort of electronic devices(like most of the kids). In order to control the module you can use the Bluestick control app that you get from Google Play store. Communication between arduino and bluetooth module is done via serial port. If you are following this blog you may remember that I posted how to do it in this post.

Here is the parts list:

  • Arduino Mini Pro
  • 2 x TIP120
  • 2 x 1n4001 diode
  • Bluetooth module HC-05
  • 2 x 9v DC Motors with wheels
  • Small pcb,wires,tape
  • FTDI only for uploading the code

You can find all the information on how to build it in these two posts :


And here some photos:


bluetooth_truck2 bluetooth_truck3bluetooth_truck4bluetooth_truck8bluetooth_truck11bluetooth_truck10bluetooth_truck5bluetooth_truck6bluetooth_truck7bluetooth_truck9

I have to say that this design has a big disadvantage. You can’t do reverse. Thats why I am going to switch into an H-Bridge circuit. Actually I already bought L298N and planning to install it in the next few days.

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