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BlogEngine.NET 2.9 Released

Even if I recently moved from BlogEngine.Net to WordPress I still believe that BlogEngine is a great piece of software. Actually its one of the very few blog engines  in So good news for the people that use this blog engine because two days ago the team announced a new version. The biggest change I suppose is the use of the latest Bootstrap framework and the AngularJs integration.


Here is the updates:

  • Admin UI redesigned using latest Bootstrap framework.
  • New standard theme, also Bootstrap based, standards compliant with clean and beautiful design that is easy to extend and pleasure to use.
  • Improvements to theme layouts (separate single post and page templates, navigation template and more)
  • New light-weight JavaScript based post editor
  • New admin UI runs on AngularJS and SPA (single page) application model
  • ASP.NET Web API and Repository Pattern on the back-end

You can have a better reading about the new design here and if it fits for you grab it from this link.

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