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.NET Micro Framework Update?

It seems that something is moving into that area. We haven’t heard anything from microsoft for long time but probably in the next few weeks we are going to get a .NET Micro Framework Update.  As a Netduino Plus owner i have to say that this is very good news . Rumors started in and then an article in Channel9 says the following:

If you’ve been watching the .NET Micro Framework for a while you’ve got to be wondering about it’s future. There hasn’t been much talk about the next version, etc.

Until recently at least!

Paolo Patierno posted a nice roll-up of some of the back channel chatter, tweets, comments and more, most of which make it seem that there’s going to be some exciting news in the coming year!

.Net Micro Framework and Internet of Things : a quick tour on coming news and long term future

In the last days, I saw some interesting things around the future of .Net Micro Framework …

First, a post in the GHI Electronics community forum that speaks about the 2014 plan for .Net Gadgeteer. Gary, GHI employee, says :

We have some very exciting news to share with you today. First of all, we have beencommunicating your feedback to Microsoft and they have been very responsive. We can’t share all the details yet but we can tell you that you will be very happy with what Microsoft will announce very soon.

There are two main points about it :

  • GHI reported to Microsoft all feedbacks by .Net Micro Framework and Gadgeteer users and I think with the objective to improve the framework;
  • There are more details and news that Microsoft will announce very soon, so in the next days (week ? months ?) we will have new official information about .Net Micro Framework future;

Of course … the above are great points !

Another thing I noticed is on .Net Micro Framework project web site on CodePlex.

Last but not least thing is the update on main page of .Net Micro Framework project web site on CodePlex by Steve on June 16 …

In preparation for the longer term future of .NET MF we are in the process of some changes to the use of CodePlex. (Including switching to a GIT repository model to make things easier for a true OSS development process). …

In conclusion, it seems that in the near future a lot of news and updates will be available on .Net Micro Framework project and that it is alive; Microsoft thinks that it could be potentially useful in the Internet of Things to provide customers a global solution for it strong related with Microsoft Azure offers : from the devices to the cloud !

So … stay tuned !

UPDATE [June 19 2014]

Today Steve Maillet created a planned version of the framework on the CodePlex web site : .Net Micro Framework v4.Next !!

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