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Intel Curie, the revolution in wearables


The Intel® Curie™ module is the first platform of its kind from Intel, a complete low-power solution designed for companies interested in developing wearable devices as well as consumer and industrial edge products. The Intel® Curie™ module packs a robust set of features into its tiny size that are ideal for “always-on” applications such as social media, sports, and fitness activities. This can enable efficient and intelligent wearable solutions for a broad range of form factors—including rings, bags, bracelets, pendants, fitness trackers, even buttons.

At its core is Intel’s first purpose built wearable SoC, the Intel® Quark™ SE SoC, that can run for extended periods from a coin-sized battery and features motion sensor, Bluetooth* radio, and battery charging capabilities.

To speed the development of wearable products based on the Intel® Curie™ module, Intel is providing a complete software platform that includes a small and efficient real-time operating system (RTOS) together with reference wearable applications called Intel® IQ Software kits. The Intel® IQ Software kits include the embedded software that runs on this module together with companion smartphone applications and associated cloud capabilities. There are four available IQ Software Kits, including two announced at IDF 2015, Identity-based IQ and Time-based IQ, and two announced at CES 2015, Body IQ and Social IQ. For additional information on IQ Software Kits and the software platform, please refer to the Fact Sheet on this page.

Key Features
• A low-power, 32-bit Intel® Quark™ SE SoC

• 384kB Flash memory, 80kB SRAM

• A low-power integrated DSP sensor hub and pattern-matching technology

• Bluetooth* Low Energy

• 6-axis combo sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope

• Battery charging circuitry (PMIC)

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