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Decoded conference – Learn about Machine learning, IoT, Azure Cloud

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If you are lucky enough to be in Dublin the first week of May then you might want to check the Decoded Conference which is organized by Microsoft. Learn from the experts about the Microsoft ecosystem on Azure, high scale data, machine learning, client side dev, and DevOps at cloud scale. Definitely I’ll go to IoT workshop on Saturday!

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On day one the tracks are:

  • Azure PaaS
    • Mostly focused on getting different languages and applications running correctly in Azure.
  • Big Data and Machine Learning
    • We’ll cover the big data hosting options in Azure in the morning and then jump into Machine Learning.
  • Design and Client side development
    • More than pushing pixels around the screen, we’re talking about design with emotion, accessibility and the like. Then we jump into mixed media and mapping in the afternoon.
  • Process and Continuous Deployment
    • Without the right process, no software would ever get finished and definitely wouldn’t be responsive to changing requirements and customer demands.

On day two the tracts are:

  • Azure DevOps and Containers
    • Containerization is a huge trend in cloud computing that we’ll dive into with Docker, Cloud Foundry, Mesos and more.
  • Machine Learning
    • Yesterday was data and an intro to machine learning, today we dive into deep learning and neural nets.
  • Client side cross platform development
    • Yesterday was about design, today we dive into the practical around how to do cross platform dev with Cordova, React Native and more.
  • IoT
    • IoT has never been more accessible than it is now. We’ll start by talking about micro-controllers and then move to the backend as we build out smart systems.

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