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Angular 2.0.0-rc.3 released

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The Angular team released a new candidate some hours ago and I am pretty excited to see that things moving faster than few months ago. In this release there is a major performance improvement and the @angular/router has been finally merged to the main repository. Full change log below:

Bug Fixes

  • animations: ensure starting styles are applied when a delay is present (ba46ca6), closes #9326 #9328
  • BrowserUtil: fix supportsIntlApi() (76a4187)
  • change_detection: ChangeDetectorRef reattach should restore original mode (773c349), closes #7078 #7080
  • compiler: codegen view query generic types (e157a06)
  • compiler: properly report unresolved dependencies (fdf6bc1), closes #9332 #9341
  • compiler: StaticReflector ignores unregistered decorators. (#9266) (791153c), closes #9265
  • core/testing: show full error (297f0fd)
  • forms: ngModel should export as ngModel (8e6e90e)
  • guards: Cancel in-flight guards if one returns false (97cf0e4)
  • HtmlParser: add missing ; (c60ef45)
  • HtmlParser: consider when adding required parents (9ba400d)
  • HtmlParser: do not add required parents to template root elements (e484c62), closes #5967
  • HTTP/XhrBackend: correctly set the status code on errors (#9355) (12c4904), closes angular/http#54
  • NumberPipe: fix broken RegExp (49bf3f5)
  • partition: fix partition when <!-- i18n --> is the only child (58b18d7)
  • perf: support prod mode again (c0f2a22), closes #9318 #8508 #9318
  • platform-server: cleanup public api of platform-server (8675b8d), closes #9237 #9205
  • upgrade: fix bundling issue and fix e2e test (8c076d5), closes #9244
  • XmbSerializer: add meaning attribute, escape attribute values (c9c81e1)


  • benchpress: add custom user metric to benchpress (6686bc6), closes #9229
  • compiler: make interpolation symbols configurable (@Component config) (#9367) (1b28cf7), closes #9158
  • compiler-cli: add a debug option to control the output (1eaa193), closes #9208
  • core: ensure CSS parser tracks start/end values and understands complex pseudo selecto (935c39a)
  • datePipe: numeric string support (5c8d315)
  • DomElementSchemaRegistry: add support for and (b620f4f)
  • I18N Expander: do not add extra <ul> & <li> around ICU messages (#9283) (721f53f), closes #9072
  • MessageExtractor: do not expand ICU messages before extraction (04a50f5)
  • QueryList: support index in callbacks (5fe6075), closes #9278
  • radio: support radio button sharing a control (39e0b49)
  • security: fail more detectably when using a safe value in an interpolation. (8879aa1)


  • Parse5Adapter is no longer exported as public API, use serverBootstrap() Parse5Adapter is an implementation detail not a public API
  • containsRegexp is no more exported from @angular/core/testing. It should not have been part of the public API in the first place.


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